Root Canal Treatment removes the nerve of a tooth that has died or is dying - causing you tooth ache and pain.

The nerve is the living part of the tooth that runs through the roots up into the pulp chamber in the centre of the tooth. The nerve is full of blood vessels and if decay reaches the nerve, it will become inflamed. This will cause the tooth to die, which in turn leads to acute pain and the strong possibility of an abscess forming.

Root treatment from Brixham Dental Practice is a very successful and effective way of treating the tooth. It means the tooth does not need to be extracted which has many benefits to the patient - you are not left with a gap, the adjacent teeth are kept in the correct position and it is the best solution aesthetically.

Once the root treatment has been completed, the tooth can be restored with a crown, inlay or composite filling - these options can be discussed with your dentist.

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